About Us

 Reimbursement Manager
Denials happen for various reasons. Billing software, company procedures, new employees, changing payer policies, data entry mistakes, and many other factors can all contribute to the denial of a claim. Finding out what denials are occurring at which payers, and when they started is the first, and often the most difficult step towards recovering your money

Reimbursement Manager lets you zero in on these factors with minimum time and effort. It locates the issues and examples you need to stop denials from happening. Whether you need to call a payer, contact IT, your billing vendor, or review your internal company procedures, you have the exact data, including the size and scope, that you need to deal with each issue. 
Medical Billing
The JetCo Medical Billing application is a full strength, Web based, HIPAA compliant Professional Billing application. There is no practical limit to the number of physicians, office locations, patients, or patient encounters the system can handle concurrently. This is because, thanks to the current state of technology, we are able to add capacity and bandwidth as needed to handle any increase in load.

Using our application from anywhere there is an Internet connection, you or your staff can perform any of these functions:
    • Patient Registration
    • Charge Entry
    • Review Automated Payment Posting
    • Manual Payment Posting
    • Add/Review Patient Notes
    • Review Patient History
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Payer on-line EOB's
    • Master File Maintenance
      • Charge Master
      • Insurance Master
      • Referring Physician Master
    • AR Reporting
      • Aged Accounts Receivable
      • Delinquent Claims
      • Transaction Summary
    • Reject Processing
    • Claim Repair and Resubmission
    • AR Ledger Functions
      • Forward Balances
      • Perform Balance Adjustments
      • Review AR History
    • Review Claim Status